Number of devices mining

Display the number of devices mining on the same account. (Useful to see if anything goes wrong with one or another.)

hell yea! great fucking idea!!! BIG W
also you could add an option to start mine on the other devices like nicehash
so from your pc #1 you could start mining on pc #2 and #3

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Salad users dont usually have more than 1 pc mining. We arent like nicehash or something. I do not see this useful at all to the average user

Agree on that but when you go outside or for a vacation and you left your pc mining you should be able to see if something goes wrong.

and how do you know that? did you do a research?
cause from what i saw in the discord server ALOT of people use more than 1 pc and even some mining rigs

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Well, I’m talking about an average user who does not flex on the server.

Average salad user uses his own rig to afk not to mine for money with the app.

I know this as im an active member of the discord and know from experience what is an average user of salad.

well my parents are divorced so i have 2 pcs to mine on and i it would be very useful to me

I have two PC’s, one is specifically for mining and I agree it would be great to have some kind of status indicator or the option to email or text me if my machine goes offline or stops mining. I’ve seen the application hang or crash and close when I otehrwise though it was open.

I’d also like to see better stats per device mining so I can break them out and compare what device is doing better or worse.

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