Offerwall Rewards not being rewarded

I did about 2 offerwalls, one for OfferToro for 0.1 balance, and another on AdGem and did one for 0.73 balance and recieved neither, help?

The offerwalls are quite strict with the requirements, make sure you did all the offers exactly how they said to do them, and if the rewards from the offers aren’t rewarded to you within 24 hours of completion, make a ticket with the offerwall’s support:

AdGem: Go to the AdGem offerwall, then click Reward . Click on the offer you’re having issues with, then click Request Support .
OfferToro: Go to the OfferToro offerwall, then click My Balance . Next to the offer you’re having issues with, click Missing Balance? .
Can’t find the “Missing Balance” button? Contact OfferToro here: OfferToro | Contact Us

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