Osu!players want osu! supporter

osu!supporter has been requested by alot of people sooo yea

Before I talked with jared about adding osu!supporter to salad but there are multiple problems that rise if they want to automate it.
first is getting the username of the person who bought it one of my suggestions was to add something that will ask for the username before purchase.
I know that osu got API but I’m pretty sure it’s not working with their store.
secondly, salad have to create an account in order to actually buy for us the supporter without getting banned from peppy because the account will be suspicious buying only supporters to people but not playing the game.
another thing you might expect from buying osu supporter from salad is the price. they will probably add a little bit to it so they can earn profit from selling it I don’t think that will be a problem for me but I would really like that. what I like about osu supporter is you can choose how much months you want to buy so once again that another problem that might interfere with the automation.
what I think salad can do is talk with peppy the creator of osu about it and ask about it and talk with him for more information peppy will probably cooperate with salad he’s a nice guy.
I believe that salad in the near future will add osu supporter to salad we got pretty huge amount of players from the osu community that will come to buy supporters on their favorite circles game and I can name couple people that will buy it every month including me and my brother.