Pantry Purpose + New Money Types

Hello fellow chefs and salads, I’ve been using Salad for over a full-on 3/4 months or so, and to my surprise, the Pantry does not have a purpose.
I myself thought of the pantry as slight permanent boosts but that would be a little too overpowered.

So here is my less overpowered idea for the Pantry:

  1. For each food you collect, you get a small reward
  2. If you collect food and have 5, 10, 15, 20, etc in total, then you get a special reward (check the next part below)

I also had an idea for different types of money. Instead of having one type of money, you can convert money into special coins and the other way around. It’s an optional idea but something like this would be quite nice. That’s also where the special reward comes into play.

That’s all I had in mind. Thank you for reading this