Payment Issues with Visa card

I bought a $10 Visa card, but when I tried to pay for something, it displayed that I had paid for the item but I didn’t receive a receipt in my email and I also didn’t get the item itself. I make a support ticket on there and they told me there was no recent payment with my username and also asked me for the Transaction ID, but I can only get that by logging in to my paypal. I tried adding a card to my paypal with the exact card details and my exact address, which had preset addresses provided, so it wasn’t a false address. But it still told me that the billing address was invalid and to insure that the address on my card matches, but how do I add an address to a visa card that I bought off of salad?

Ummm… This doesn’t really have anything to do with Salad?
If I understand this correctly, you got the card, tried to pay for an item, which displayed an error and didn’t get you the item…
That’s not something on Salad’s end to fix…

No, I think galinha is having issues figuring out how to activate the card. I think that, since activation is a required step, salad should have a guide to it in the item’s description. There’s a bunch of online resources about this, and its a required step to using the item, so it should be somewhere easily accessible before someone buys the item

That being said, that isn’t necessarily an issue with salad, just a clarification issue on galinha’s end.