Phone application

phone app (ios pls)
app where you can see how much money you have, buy items or whatever, maybe do the offerwall things and if its possible to add a mining option there aswell

You can already do all of this on your apple device using:

You won’t be able to mine, application or not, because apple has disabled these.

Also, there is quite a fee to be paid in order to add your app to the iOS store, and since the mobile versions are made by community members right now, it is unlikely it will be done soon.

yeee its not exactly user friendly
using google or any websites on the phone is quite not the best experience
and you can mine with some other apps (won’t name them, cuz, yeaa)

idk about fees and all of this but I’m sure its not that much to have a free app on the appstore

also i checked right now and you pretty much can only do offerwall and see how much money you have

Apple asks for a $99 fee yearly to have the app on the store, and community members don’t necessarily want to pay that themselves. If you want to offer your money for it, please, go ahead.
Also, the UI would be pretty much the same as on, since that is technically what is being loaded on to your phone (for the android mobile version).
Mining on a phone is also extremely inefficient. Like really slow. Like really really slow.
Making a phone application would also require a team to work behind it, and finding the correct miners to run on one such machine.
I’m not saying it will never be done, but it doesn’t seem probable that we will see it happen anytime soon with mining and all of the capabilities you request.

I could port it there (as I have a license for it) but would take some time (as I maintain the android app thats unofficial with vukky) due to updating them at the same time as android while the userbase would be very small and I would get nothing out of it

talk to salad maybe they would give you some $$$