Please add Ultra wide screens support

i have ultra wide 21:9 dell alianware aw3420dw monitor the active part for scrolling is only in the middle the green squre area in picture number 3.png

so bassicly i can’t scroll up and down if the mouse is any were in the red squares.
now for 16:9 monitors this red squares are very small for me they are large even hugh and it is very difficult and uncomftarble to focus the mouse all the time only in the active green zone you understand?
please increse the borders of the active green area or alow a spread of the games zone to the size of the screen or somrthing similer please and many thanks in advance of course. :slight_smile:

LOL this is actually funny tbh

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Found a solution: option in windows 11 insider i have scrollbar on the right side of the screen guys.

Doesn’t everyone like have a scroll bar on the right?

Yes but in ultra wide 21:9 you either use the scroll bar or in the middle area with the stores.the gap between the middle and the scroll bar is like hugh empty non active space to move between scroll bar or scroll in the middle.

On 16:9 it is a small gap but on 21:9 it is streched a lot as you can see from the pictures up.

the read zones are much bigger then in usual screen and you can’t’ use them for scrolling if you scroll and the mouse reach there it stoped you from scorlling immadialy and then you need to focus it again in the middle or scroll bar.

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I dont even know why you have an ultra wide screen since having a regular 16:9 screen is perfect enough.

i have 34 inch 120hz nano ips monitor almost 2000 dollars screen 3440x1440p Resolution.
full 4k 144 hz cost hugh ammount of money at any size and i don’t want 2k resoltion this is the closest affordable highest resolution which is not 4k 120/144hz for my high end computer aka
9900k 2080ti 64Gb asus xi hero computer who cost me 6000 dollars in 2019.

if you can’t understand why such a computer require something much better then 300 fhd monitor then i guess you know very little about games and high end gaming bro.

900 pound is the current price not the original price i paid for it.

I actually meant 1920 x 1080. It is the perfect resolution and if combined with 120hz refresh rate, the perfect display screen that isn’t too big physically or virtually or in any way lacking any frames per second unless your pc can’t handle that.

I dont see the point why people need bigger resolutions than 1920 x 1080

Then i guess you are not much of a gamer bro let along high and heavy gamer period.