Please Improve the price of fortnite v-bucks

the current price is 36 dollars for real world money i can buy 5000 v-bucks for pretty much the same amount at 39 dollars only 3 more dollars.and also please add 1000 v-bucks if you can thanks.

Fair point but it’s 2021. Fortnite be a literal graveyard in terms of my perspective.

Fortnite or epic company is i think 4.4 billion dolars company.i my self spent there like more then 4000 dollars in fortnite store and some seperete epic games.i have like at least one friend with five accounts who play since 2018 which during this time spent 20 thousand us dollars on his five accounts in general of cousre.fortnite is really not a gravayard for some peoples such as my self it really not.and when the price of v-bucks in your store for 2800 vbucks is not even close to store prices or or but it is almost like the price of 5000 V-bucks then no one would use salad to purchase it so either change the price or don’t sell it at all because your price for 2800 and etc is ridicilus it really is.