Please money instead of games in season rewards

I have a suggestion in season rewards instead of giving us games and steam random game codes that costs 0.99$ instead of all of these stuff each time give us one dollar that will really help us get what we want not these childish games 90% of people don’t like. thank you for salad


The point of the Salad Pass is that you get various rewards, of all sorts. In case you hadn’t noticed, the pass also has an instant $1 bonus, and a x2 earning rate boost.

Just like in a game batte pass, where you’d get an item you really like and then one you prefer less, some people may want the games as well.

Remember that when “just offer balance in the season pass” occurs, this means we, Salad, have to pay of our own pockets for that money, it doesn’t come out of the sky.

I find it already pretty epic that Salad is giving us the opportunity to get these items for free.

If you really want the money, feel free to resell the keys to some market elsewhere or to someone.