Prepaid Mastercard USD


It’s possible to purchase it on this site Rewards Catalog | Gift Cards | E-Gift Cards - Tango Card


I want this to be in the store because with mastercard you can almost buy anything on the internet not like the prepaid visa cards which is the alternative method right now.

If its possible cound you guys add it with the following amouts of money on the cards 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 USD?


We’re always looking for new rewards to bring more value to users. Out of curiosity, what cannot be purchased with a prepaid Visa card that can be with a prepaid Mastercard? (You don’t have to spill any details that could be personal, but a high-level example or two of how these differ could be very enlightening.)


I can’t purchase most of the things on which is a russian version of g2a and I can’t add money on steam and stuff on

I am not advertisng these sites, but if you find it like that way then just delete my reply.



this is a very important addtion in my opinion + iv’e talked with Jared about it so many times in discord

it also differs in many aspects and there is also a USD + EUR currency gift cards of mastercard and even have an extended expiry date than the visa ones

plus on top of all that my visas are short they only have 7 months before they expire and i hate that because i have to keep changing it in my paypal account these ones are extended up to 12 months


Is this going to be added to the store?



Please bring out Euro Visa / Mastercards… Only having USD Cards is so frustrating…

you cant buy anything with the visa prepaid card right now.
i tired so many things couldn’t find a thing that working on these cards I found that paypal accepts them and you can buy stuff through Paypal but nothing else

Did you forget about my request?