"Products You Can Afford" Section for the store!

I’m here to suggest a section in the store to find

Products you can afford
Wich is basically a section in the store that shows you everything in the store that you can afford, for example, you have 2.5$ and it shows you a bunch of recommended stuff from 2.5$ to 0.01$ or maybe make it so the search bar has a slider that you can set maximum money and minimum money. Just a suggestion that I’d like to be added so it helps me find what I want and what I can afford.

we already have something similar to it called bargain bin games on the store front for games under 50 cents.

You seem like you rather didn’t understand my post, read it again, I’m not talking about 50 cents I’m talking about EVERYTHING YOU CAN AFFORD, not only under 50 cents.

you can do so by choosing one of these image

edit: it took me time to understand what you mean LOL so basically a system that recommend you stuff according to the balance you have?

That is exactly what I meant.

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