Purchased a game from a series and ended up receiving a code for the wrong game

I can’t really do anything as of now because I already redeemed the code but my main gripe here is that I was under the impression that I was purchasing the 2008 game, not the re-release of the original. The listing for the game on Salad’s store used Turok 2008’s box art and I was under the impression that I would be buying that game. I am a little disappointed as I really liked Turok 2008 on the X360 and was excited when I saw it in the Salad store for PC.

Sorry to hear that the reward you found wasn’t as expected. Can you please open a support ticket and provide the link to the reward?

Will do. Still fairly new to Salad so it might take me a bit to figure out how to go about doing so. Thank you.

You can submit a support ticket here: Submit a request – Salad Support

I submitted a support ticket along with some screenshots showing the listing in the store and how it was advertised to be the 2008 game. Unsure of how I could have found the link for the reward so I just took screenshots of it in Salad and Steam. Whoever gets back to me with my support ticket I’ll try to provide the link to the reward.