Question about miners

What types of “miners” are there and do different type of miners give more money or the same?

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there are different miners for different coins. we use a couple of them, including PhoenixMiner, GMiner, XMRig and CCminer. Each of these miners are able to mine different coins, and different coins have different values and profitabilities. We automatically cycle through these to find the best one for your machine, to ensure maximum profit on your PC. You can see the full list of coins we mine here:


And a fun fact, in case you didn’t know… We keep the application source code (all the stuff that runs on your computer) on GitHub. If you’re interested enough to look under the hood, the code that drives the specific miners in use is accessible in this folder:

Looking through the code isn’t user-friendly if you don’t already understand JavaScript, but it’s tough for us to publish a list of the miners in use in Salad as it changes over time. We did at one point in time, and it just kept getting out of date.