Question about the minecraft prices

there is a Minecraft Java Edition Minecraft Key GLOBAL for $30.21 in the salad store, there also other Minecraft Java Edition PC CD Key for $22.16, what is the difference? does the Minecraft Java Edition PC CD Key only working on certain countries? if it is then does the CD Key work in USA.

pretty sure global just means not region locked, cd should just mean it is, or something else idk

bruh, no help, but thanks

check the descriptions of the items and let me know if it says anything different between the 2

the global one is more complete description saying what can you do in the game, telling features and how to activate the minecraft key and lots of pics of the game.
the PC CD Key just tells you about the game, very plain. just one pic.

btw, the prices of Minecraft Java Edition PC CD Key keeps changing around the one dollar range.

This is what a CD key means ^^
I found this info from HERE
A GLOBAL key means you can use it in any country and a CD key means that you can use that code only on specific platforms and/or countries. The platforms and/or countries that you can use the code on will be listed in the title of the game.

For example-

If you buy this item, you can only use this code on a PC and not on Xbox or mobile.

And in this image, you can only use the CD key in the EU.

Hope this helped and sorry if this reply is too long.

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