Remove many CSGO case opening sites

I really think those should be removed and instead be changed to other marketplaces.

KeyDrop, Force-Drop, & DaddySkins are literally promoting a nice-looking literal casino to try to win some skins.

This is literally gambling that’s allowed to be marketed to people under the age of 18.

Why is salad literally promoting gambling?

But what about the CSGO cases that valve sells:
Same idea, gambling but its more legit than these sites.
You wont get your skins to an shady inventory owned by these sites but you get your skins immediately to your steam inventory where you can sell or trade them faster without shady limitations like these sites are made.

You should skip case opening sites and work with actual legitimate marketplaces.

I agree with your request.

i like this, at the bare minimum require a proof of age for it, like to the point of requiring a picture of a drivers license. Its actual gambling were talking here, and it should be treated as such.

Why is it being considered gambling in France, Belgium & other countries. Tell me