Reward purchases not recieved

I received the lvl 20 “swag pack” over a month ago I believe. Ive recieved the stickers and posters but no shirt. I also purchased a beanie when they were first announced and I have yet to see any trace of it. Ive emailed salad, but have gotten vague responses. anyone else waiting on physical items also?

Please read this for salads official word on it

also note from my experience my shirt was later than my stickers and posters due to customs and it being shipped later than them, but I did receive a tracking number through message from royal mail (the people delivering it) and was able to check on where they was and roughly when they would arrive.


I just wanted to update.

I was contacted by a member of the salad team, the persons in charge of my merch fell ill. Long story short, I now have my shirt! Salad and its chefs that make up this community are amazing! Never a bad experience here.

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