Rewards in GBP - Steam, Visa, Etc!

Words cannot describe how ANNOYING it is to get money into GBP. For example, if I want to get money onto a google play gift card, I have to jump through multiple hoops:
First, I have to redeem a stupid buggy USD card.
Then, I have to load this onto amazon with crappy exchange rates often leading to me losing cents each time. This adds up! Amazon minimum deposit is £1. I can’t save those pennies because prepaiddigitalsolutions is one of the worst things on the web. £5 to combine cards is ATROCIOUS.
Then, off my frankenstein Amazon balance made up of multiple cards I can get a google play gift card, while having to wait hours each time for them to “verify” my payment. It’s so annoying. Getting money onto steam is also awful. I can’t add custom amounts, so if I opt for $10, I can only add £4, the minimum, then I have £3 just left over. It’s actually awful. PLEASE add GBP rewards for services avaliable in other countries. Please.

That would be a great idea, and very helpful for me, since I’m not based in a USD currency country. But the issue with that is that they would have to completely revamp some things to fit in with the currency exchange thing you’re talking about. I do agree on the thing about pre-paid digital solutions though, it’s GARBAGE. Once I use my cards, I can’t even log back into them and use the rest. So I agree on that. Overall, good idea, but it would take quite a bit of effort to pull off.


This is a very good idea but the suppliers that salad uses may not have the correct cards for the currency. Salad should look into this and find good suppliers for GPB & EUR

EDIT: Salad uses TangoCard and they have some rewards for GBP & EUR. So salad should look into this more!


Yes I want to be able to get Euro Visas too…

It is definietly possible but i dont know why it is not added already.

Starting from 5€ Visa Cards would be awesome.

Same man, I’m here using Euros and gave up trying to redeem anything. Waiting for improvements to the reward system