Rig id ethermine

Does the rig id for ethermine Change depending on what pc you are on btw I’m using same account just asking as when I try to see my hash rate it reports it as 44-45 but it should be 78-83 because I have two pc running salad on one account so what’s going on thanks for your help bye

Hello there!

The logs aren’t “distributed” when viewing the miner’s CMD window (or Salad logs, which are a transcript of the miner CMD window).

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that a miner instance is separate from any other on the PC or other PCs. This means they’re not communicating any info between themselves, so what one PC is mining does not know how much the other is (even to the same wallet).

So on that note, it is absolutely normal if you only see what the specific rig is making on a CMD window, not what all of the rigs are making on your wallet.

Good luck and have a happy day.