RTX 3060 Hashrate

Hey, this is my first rig and I received my RTX 3060 a day ago. I have run it once and it worked brilliantly! After 20 minutes I noticed a drop in hashrate from 50mh/s to 41mh/s. I then restarted the miner to be greeted with 27mh/s.
Also if it helps, between the restart my pc was on it’s side and after it was up. I’ve put it back down with no improvement.

RTX 3060 Gaming OC Gigabyte
T-rex miner on Salad Cli+
Memory Clock +1500 Core Clock -200 Power Limit 124%

Much appreciated if anyone could help! Thanks!

NOTE: I think it’s HDMI detection. I did some switching of HDMI slots and it jumped up, going back down after about 20 minutes.


This is NVIDIA enforcing hashrate limitation for miners even on previous drivers that were supposed to not cause hashrate to lower.

I’m afraid there’s not much we can do about this, since it’s directly a measure that applies to your GPU when you’re detected to be mining.