RTX 3060 Underperforming

Using RTX 3060 Gigabyte to mine
Using the leaked driver 470.05 (removed mining cap)
The VRAM is stuck at 4.5gb usage, wondering how to fix. (Using afterburner +1500 mem clock)

Distortion99#0961 for screenshots etc

Doesn’t look like you know exactly how cryptomining ETH works.

When you start to mine ETH (Ethereum), something called a DAG file is initialized, and placed in your VRAM. The size of that DAG file is determined by the size of the blockchain, and has a fixed size for every user on that blockchain.

As the blockchain grows, the DAG file size grows.

Its current standing size for ETH is 4.27GB, which is why you’re seeing it capped at that.

This is not an error, not an issue, it’s perfectly normal and should happen.

Hope this could enlighten you as to the why your VRAM is being used this much.

Sorry for the confusion, but I’m getting about 27 mh/s whilst nicehash and other people are getting about 50mh/s. I thought vram was the cause for that sorry, why is my hashrate so low?

I’m fairly sure that NVIDIA patched this recently, as you can see from this recent video (start of May):

I think this is the issue you’re running on.