Salad blocked by antivirus, even though it's off

I was using salad earlier today fine and was mining for around 8 hours. I came back and tried to start it again but it got blocked by windows defender. I tried adding an exclusion, uninstalling then restarting my pc, and completely turning off windows defender. All of these attempts did not solve the issue. Since I reinstalled Salad, my logs are empty.

What did you add as the exclusion in Windows Defender?

I added the entire salad folder

What CPU or GPU are you trying to run Salad with? And if you’re using CPU, how much RAM do you have?

I have 8 gm ram and an i3 with 3.2 ghz
salad says it should work but when I try to start it says 'unable to run on your cpu
I disabled my antivirus and windows defender
pls help pepe

Hey! Allow me to revive the topic:

Which specific i3 model? It needs to have 2MB cache, at the very least in order to mine. Check here for more info: Is My Machine Compatible With Salad? – Salad Support