Salad cleaning up after itself

In the salad folder where salad is located I have 180 log files. image Last time I completely wiped my pc was at 04.02.2021(US date) by that time salad has made 180 log files. I dont think I would need them so why not make the salad app delete very old once after time?

To find them go to

Dude, that’s like 35 megabytes. Wanna know how large that is? That’s like a minute of video…

A minute of a video is like 1 gb on a disk, but still thats alot of usless log files on my ssd.

I’m able to cram a minute of video at 720p into a size small enough that it can go on discord under the right conditions, so I’m not sure what kinds of resolution and quality you have it at.

35 mb is barely anything in modern terms.

I use a SSD and I’ve used it for a few years. I regularly read/write over 5GB/day, and I’ve been using it for a few years, and it still works fine. So SSD’s are not as easy to break with consistent read/write.