Salad companion app

Hello salad users!

around a year ago I suggested salad to have an official companion app showing the benefits of it and how we can use it.
however, salad added a lot of new features since I made the concept and I decided to post it again.

this is the first concept image I made

in the image, you can see a couple of features salad currently doesn’t have for example showing us how much exactly of our VRAM salad use and the GPU temperatures in case we want to monitor our computers while being away from home.

another feature you can see in this concept is the option to change which computer you want to mine on or monitor remotely.

there are some features you can’t see such as the store access giving you the option to buy stuff with your salad balance anywhere and a small idea I had is using the NFC in the phone to pay with saladpay.

I want to redesign this concept, I have a better image on my head on how to make the UI look better and easier for users, and also the salad app we all run on our pcs to look pretty much close to the mobile redesign I will post it later when I will finish it to stay tuned!

and for the OG salad folks old UI was epic! here’s an image I saved some time ago with another concept I had which I called salad pass