Salad falls back to running an old miner version

I noticed that Salad just downloaded PhoenixMiner 5.4c. Curious, is there a reason for the downgrade?

Salad downloads every miner from their repo if they need to switch mid mining a miner to an older or a newer one

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We keep a few versions of each miner in a “fallback list”. If for some reason a particular miner version isn’t working, we’ll try the previous version. There are some scenarios where this works. If we fall through every version of the miner, then we’ll move on to a different miner/algorithm.

If you notice that you’re not running the latest version of a miner (e.g. PhoenixMiner 5.4c instead of 5.5c right now), then it indicates that something isn’t working as expected. It could be an issue related to anti-virus, an OS update, or a driver. I recommend opening a support ticket and attaching your Salad app log files. The support team will be able to review it and help provide specific guidance on what to do to resolve the issue.


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