Salad gets corrupt randomly

It’s really annoying that salad just stops working randomly I have to reinstall it mostly every update it’s a pain for 10 cents a day. if this gets fixed ill prolly use salad again

I have seen that a decent amount of ppl have to reinstall etc.

I haven’t experienced any similar issue, and I’m not quite sure what you mean by “stops working.” Could you elaborate?

I haven’t seen anyone talking about reinstalling Salad because it stops every day.
Have you ever reported this to support (also this isn’t a feature request so it shouldn’t really be here)

In any case, I invite you to log a support ticket, because this is not a widespread issue.


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I never said everyday mostly after every update I have seen people talking about it not working or not updating

Submit the bug report, please. That is where you’ll be getting the most support for your issue.