Salad heating up my GPU a lot for no reason

After using Salad for a few days, he suddenly started to heat up my GPU a lot, and that didn’t happen in my first days using Salad, my video card was at a normal temperature, but after I reached $3,000, my GPU magically starts to heat up a lot, and my PC starts to freeze up a lot, days ago I played games at the same time as mining, today that is no longer possible, and for no reason, and then?


Playing games and mining is highly discouraged. As with your GPU’s temperature, what temperature is it sitting at?

I forgot to say something, the GPU is more than 80 °C just with the Salad open, I don’t even have to open a game to get to that temperature, and as I said, it happened magically and for no reason.

As I said, it didn’t happen in the past, I’ll be very clear:

Temperature 1 month ago: Less than 60 °C

Temperature today: Over 80 °C

It is very simple to understand, it started to have high temperatures for no reason, and the PC gets very noisy, so loud that it has even woken up neighbors, normal in anything that it gets high GPU temperature.

That is, AFK or not, my GPU is more than 80 °C out of nowhere and for no reason.

Are there any more answers around here?

This looks like an issue with either your ambient temperature (temperature of the room around your GPU), or an issue with your PC’s exhaust/intake filters being dirty, which is an easy fix, you just have to remove the dust from them. Plenty of tutorials out there for this.