Salad Interactive Pantry

As Salad chops away, we earn XP. As our total XP increases, our salad PANTRY begins to become full of vegetables, fruits, and other salad ingredients.

I think it would be really cool if we could use the PANTRY items we have unlocked to make our salad (like a minigame or even just a text list). This was in part inspired by the community support post:

I think it would be awesome if somehow our salad recipe could be linked to our account as some sort of meta data and could be used to bring salad users with similar preferences together!

god damn it why would you spoil the veggie badges

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Well that’s an interesting suggestion. We do have something planned for XP, but I don’t think we do for the veggies yet (since I don’t know what the plan is with XP, there may already be something thought out by the Salad team). Nonetheless, great idea!


this would be very cool.
also amazing how my post inspired this lol

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what if at the final badge you just get a recipe for an actual salad

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