Salad is down, like Discord

Just like Discord, Salad is probably mixed up in the Cloudflare nonsense.

And unlike Discord, not even the API works.

Not anymore?
Salad is up and running at the moment. If you want to check if we are, you always check out:

If you’re running into an issue, please contact us.

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Salad is up and running at the moment


This is what you see when restarting/loading the app.

Try it via here please:

Just a white screen.

Loads for me… Strange.

Try loading the app now, it should work just fine

It seems to be a regional outage on Cloudflare’s end. Specifically in Chicago and LA. @TheTank20 Do you happen to be located around there?

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-filler to get the post to post-

Then you’ll just have to wait until they’ve fixed the issue, unfortunately :confused: