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salad Be healthy yumm

For one, the AMD 7500 HD is really not a fast GPU.

Moreover, it’s not that we don’t want to support it, it just doesn’t have enough VRAM. The algorithms Salad use require at least 2GB of VRAM.

Even if you were able to make it work, your earnings would be really low, comparable to that of a CPU more or less (a few cents per 24h at most).

I invite you to CPU mine for the moment, since your earnings from one to the other should be pretty close together, if you run completely AFK.

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No,The Amd 7500 Hd Might be Old But i use it And it’s a fast graphics card it can Run Any Game without lag and any problems Earning will be Faster on the Graphics card then the cpu (depands on how fast is your cpu) my pc is Slow so Comparision to it the graphics card is Alot faster

Cpu : HP compaq 8000
2 core
8 gb Ram

It should be usable, because it is good

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yes, add this graphics card salad beeds support for 1gb graphics

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Do you mean Needs LOL

yes because the epic is epic

I mean, i recon all GPUs should be supported, however if the GPU is defined as “unsafe” give users a warning, however they can still mine!

yeah. i think people with 1gb vram should have a chance even though its not healthy for their pc…

I am hoping you, or someone else, did not make mutliple Salad accounts to make this seem more popular
But please read what Angaros said again, we would love to be able to support as much hardware as possible, but it gets to the point at which no miner can support that low-end of a gpu - "The algorithms Salad use require at least 2GB of VRAM."

Nope, None of them are Alts Although Some of them Are New accounts

Reason: i asked my Friends to make an acc and check out my post thats why they are new

so yh their not Alts Lol Some of them are just my friends

Support for 1 gb Graphics Must be Added Cause most people have 1 gb graphics!

Let me reiterate:
There are no algorithms for 1GB VRAM cards.
If you don’t believe me, just look at these threads here:

It’s not that we don’t want to support them, it just isn’t possible, so please stop spamming it with alts.

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oh Thank you for telling me,Also I Just wanna clear That these are in no Way alts of mine if you want to have proof please talk to me on discord
Shadows of Boobs#7487

It’s not fast… It’s really slow. An AMD 7500 HD will not be beneficial, you’d be loosing money from electricity instead of gaining some from mining.

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i dont know for me its kinda really fast compare to the other 1 gb i had But please contact me on discord so i can show you these are not alts

Shadows of Boobs#7487

Yes, in comparison to other 1GB cards, it may be fast. However, in general terms, it is a slow card.

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i Guess it’s fast as a 1 gb graphics card but with out graphics card its trash

as i said in that Line above its better then other “1gb” graphics card i did not claim that it was the best graphics card

Yes, and like I said it still has very poor performance, no matter if it beats other 1GB cards it is still slow at mining and gaming.

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