Salad is Unable to Run on my GPU

I have a GTX-3090 and i’m having this problem when I start prepping

It takes 30 minutes to prep and then says this message
I’ve added it in my Windows Defender
and I’ve got enough GPU memory in my task manager


What message is shown to you? (Screenshot appreciated)

Which file path did you whitelist?

On windows defender, I did the exe and the actual folder

Can you take a screenshot in task manager?

The circle is the card that I am mining with. Screenshot that.


Whitelist C:\Users[YOUR USER]\AppData\Roaming\Salad

I’ve added it already

Screenshot the WHOLE THING


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not just the .exe → the whole folder

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I’ve also added that

Ah. Okay. Can you screenshot your GPU, then. (In task manager)

Try rebooting, then start chopping. (Can you use my referral code? I just wanna ask for your permission to DM it to you, because I don’t know if I can just post it here).

Ok then I will restart.

Unfortunately, that did not work.

So what does it say in the top right corner?

Chopping, prepping, installing. What does it say?

This corner

Just salad and start

Tap the “start” button. It should take around 15-30 minutes on the first launch.