Salad is unable to run on your GPU and stops your prepping

so like I was trying to prep on salad but like after 50 mins a pop up comes and says that salad can run on your GPU. I dont know what to do cause I whitelisted salad and everything. I even upgraded my drives. I need help.


What’s your GPU model? (How do I find my GPU or CPU? – Salad Support)

Which file paths did you whitelist, and which antivirus are you using?

so my GPU is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, mine is norton

I did C:\Users\myname\AppData\Roaming\Salad

is that right or no?

You may still be missing another option, check the official guide: How to Whitelist Salad in Norton Antivirus – Salad Support

Specifically, steps 15 to 17 may be required in your case.

Unfortunately, Norton is a bit tricky as it may block something else without indicating what file or program it has actually blocked, and with no way to actually exclude whatever was blocked. In my knowledge, this only happens with XMRig though- which shouldn’t be run on your machine anyways.

Let me know whether or not this works out for you.

i tried it again and the same problems keeps happening