"Salad is unable to run on your GPU" I use NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M

I have whitelisted Salad on my AV and when i use CPU it works but when i use GPU it shows this error. I have tried to use GPU 3 times already and it ran for over 30m each time then the error shows up.

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your gpu might not be compatible with salad

I too have a 4g GTX 960m and salad is also whitelisted. Its not working now but it used to work before like 8 months ago.

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While most 900-series cards are compatible with Salad, there has been issues with running our miners on them. Thus, they are unable to mine at the moment.

So you’re saying that Salad became worse over the course of this year?

No the miners become less compatible with older hardware over time due to updates I believe that’s what he is saying just upgrade anyways that kidda old I recommend a 1060 6gb or better for salad

No. This is an issue that has to do specifically with the 900 Series cards and the miners. We aren’t sure what’s going on. This may affect all Maxwell series cards, but we have only gotten reports about 9xx cards so far.