Salad lvl 20 rewards shipping?

How long will shipping take I live in us just got it today also will the shirt and items be exclusive or be sold in shop later on

The Season 1 Level 20 swag pack includes a special t-shirt, posters, and stickers. The t-shirt and posters are exclusive to those who reach Level 20 and redeem the bonus before it expires. The stickers will soon be available in a separate pack on the store, along with other Salad swag (t-shirts, beanies, etc.).

It may take 1-2 weeks to receive your Level 20 swag pack. In the future, the time to fulfill swag bonuses or redemptions will improve.

When should I get a email or text message saying that it’s been confirmed and is on its way or something

You will receive an email with the shipping information when your swag pack has been packed and shipped.

As a side note… I know it’s a little funky how there’s no pending order & shipping status in the Salad app’s Reward Vault. We’ve got a feature on our roadmap to improve this. In the meantime, just hang tight. You’ll get it! :grin:

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One final question after season one ends are you guys gonna share how many people reached lvl 20?

The team is currently working on the messaging and stream content for the end of the season and the transition to the new one. I don’t know exactly what they’re planning, but I think they’re going to share some statistics.