Salad needs a tank

so me, susmelon, and heavens have thought of this idea, that salad needs to buy a tank and make it salad-themed. its a great idea and it would boost earnings up a lot for salad as everyone likes a tank. so please get a tank

I know it sounds silly, but I feel like if we just donate 1 minute or more of processing power, we (Salad) could purchase a used, disabled, tank and skin the tank with

I think it would bring a lot of attention to the platform and bring more units in for the Salad cause to be able to do more things like supporting charities and the such.


this is bloody legendary

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This is a addon to the topic,

I also feel like when we reach a certain XP level salad that allows us to ride the tank, we would have to get ourselves there but still, that would be cool, going to the USA, meeting bob and the salad team, riding a tank with them.
This would be an amazing goal to see on salad and for people to try and reach

Iā€™m still up for Salad getting a tank skinned with bunch of Salad graphics, maybe even the Season 1 Metaverse Chefs and then following Chefs.

LinusTechTips does a LTX Expo (, I think it would be interesting to set something up, maybe for a day event (with a Day 0) of all things Salad and get industry reps from gpu makers in and maybe some youtube miners, meet and greets, and of course, a tank.

I think that would be rad or is that to early?

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