Salad no longer runs after update

I have a GTX 1650 and salad has worked perfectly fine previously. I have just downloaded and installed 0.5.2 yesterday and it is no longer able to run on both CPU and GPU modes, prompting me that salad is not able to run and that I should switch to the other mode. I have disabled all AV protections and the chopping buttom seems to flicker after around 10 seconds. This is the console log:

Hey 2603,

Apparently this is a bug that other users are facing, so I would also recommend you filing a bug report here

If your using Windows AV, if you turn off “Real Time Protection” that may fix your issue.
Also make sure you deleted your past version of Salad. That may also fix your issue.

Personally, I use a GTX1650 and its working just fine for me on GPU.

Hope this helps,

  • Conn

This does sound like it could be due to an anti-virus issue. I’d recommend creating a support ticket and attaching your Salad app log file. The support team should be able to review the mining errors and provide you with a next step.