Salad not letting me logging me in

when I

click log in its just blank

loggin is currently down we hope its online again soon!
Could be a cloudflare issue!
Have a great day

Does it work in a web browser ( If it does not work in a web browser, do you see any errors in the browsers dev tool’s console (can usually be opened via F12 key)?

The next step to troubleshoot would be to review your Salad app log file. For this, I recommend opening a support ticket and attaching the log files there. There could be some sensitive/personal info in your Salad app log file, and I recommend sharing it just with official support.

A lot of people have this issue currently could be something with cloudflare.

Yes, apologies for the out-of-sync info. There was a server-side problem with the login services today. The problems appear to be resolved at this time.

@mezo.dsn Thanks for jumping in to share that info.

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This is still happening to me, after I sign in it gets stuck here.

I recommend restarting the app and trying again. There haven’t been any issues since before I posted earlier. (I’ve been watching everything closely all day!) If you continue to experience problems, I recommend opening a support ticket. The team would be happy to help dig in.