Salad not using full potential

Hi Chefs,
I have RX580 4GB and I use salad but the graphics card is not fully loaded, I set my drivers to compute but still no luck, my friend has 1060 6GB and the graphics card is always on 100% when he starts salad but I got spikes. My question is what causes that, and if you can give me solution. Here is an example, btw sorry for the bad picture.

Word of advice: never use Task Manager to monitor GPU stats as it’ll usually report incorrect data! Use an app like MSI Afterburner because it will show you real up-to-date stats!

Afterburner Link:

Salad’s GPU usage is mostly Cuda, which isn’t tracked by task manager by default. You can set it to track Cuda usage by clicking the dropdown menu to the left of “Copy” in your screenshot, and then click Cuda:
Though the accuracy of this seems to be a gamble for some users.