Salad Pay release Date ETAs

Hey Salad Team,

i wanted to ask when Salad Pay goes public?

I applied for early access to test it out on my own website, but i dont know if i get approved or not :/.

Greetings Eliah

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This is a repost of topic in Feature request. Has been flagged.

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Yes, i cant delete the other topic so i decided to create a new one under the right support category.

I state that the other one can be closed.

Do you have an awnser to my question too?


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Currently there is no ETA of when SaladPay will be released as there are loads of testing they’d have to do on top of getting vendors to even put SaladPay on their website. I’ve linked the official website which explains how it’ll work and they may post an update there sometime!

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Thank you for your response, I will look forward for updates on that page.

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