Salad Performance Mode

a salad performance mode for windows users which makes the salad window disappear and instead of it appears a cmd window of the miner you are using , so less CPU and GPU usage will be taken for those who are running salad on weaker systems or cpu mining in general.

maybe even instead of a cmd window you can get a more compact window with salad showing only your current balance and mining state.

A terminal displaying the raw data, that would be so cool to have running in the background when I show off my PC set up to friends! I really like this idea. I am not sure how easy it would be to implement because of all of the work put into the GUI of salad, but it would be super cool to be able to run just the core information (mining status, which miner, earnings, mining time). I would definitely use this to save processing power for Salad to use to mine.

If you’re running Windows, assuming you’ve installed Salad in its default location, run the below command from the command prompt. Is this what you’re looking for?


Hello to everyone here!
That is actually already possible!
I have written up a guide on how to run Salad from a cmd window instead of using the app (whilst having the money going to your Salad account of course)

Follow this guide @SizeR and @Alaska

This is the one for PhoenixMiner (Ethereum GPUs with 4GB+ VRAM), but I am currently writing the XMRig one (CPU mining)

Good luck in your quest!