Salad, You need to fix this. (Fixed Post)

Ive been mining and saved up to get a RoW KSP Steam CD Key, after I bought it, the CD Key was a “Duplicate Code”. I posted it here and on the discord, and submited a big report

Well, salad support is slower than snails so I bought another one to see if It would work.

Yet again, it says “Duplicate Code”

Salad, Whats happening here, and support is very slow so if possible respond here.

Orders were both fulfilled by Kinguin


Hey, Conn! We understand the inconvenience that longer wait times bring but there are tons of tickets that need to be answered too! Once your ticket comes up, I’m sure the team will gladly assist you with getting new codes :slight_smile:

Its not really about the wait, its mainly because the codes were invalid in the first place

Sometimes codes are invalid, it’s just a way of life. We buy the codes from a supplier and there are always a few that don’t work. You must’ve gotten extremely unlucky and gotten 2 that don’t work in a row.

Support got back in touch, they said they have launched an investigation with the supplier