Set the amount of GPU/CPU usage that salad can use

It would be really nice if you could go to settings and limit the amount of GPU/CPU usage that salad can use max.

There is a way to throttle the speed at which the miners run. Many have an “intensity” setting (or similar) that’s specified as a percentage. The default is 100%, and anything else just makes the miner “go to sleep” for that relative amount of time. Is this the type of limit you’re thinking? I’m curious why you want to limit it. It would result in a proportional decrease in your Salad balance earnings.

Of particular note, throttling the miner speed doesn’t free up any of your GPU’s VRAM. For example, it’s not really possible to say “use half” and expect to game at the same time as mining. I haven’t looked too deep into XMRig’s options for limiting the number of CPUs/cores used for CPU mining. If it’s possible, that might be the only real limit that could be applied that isn’t just a momentary pause.


There is a way to limit CPU mining on XMRig, by specifying the max thread usage by the miner.
This can be done with the: “–threads=N” option.
This way, you’re not using the other threads. That being said, I am pretty sure that like with GPU mining this will not reduce the DAG file size, thus using the same amount of RAM regardless.