Significantly expand the number of gift cards from Tango?

(The following is wrote by a British person, with a British accent.)
Approximately two weeks ago, myself and a few others delightfully noticed that there was a much larger selection of currencies to choose from in regards to Amazon gift cards within the Salad Storefront.
This was quite splendid indeed, and much appreciated by many, although it did raise a query by me;

Why aren’t there more gift cards to select from which are within the Tango reward catalog? (This is the provider used for those fancy well-priced new Amazon gift cards)

As shown in the image above, there are indeed plenty more of gift cards on Tango’s reward catalog which are (as I assume, at least) readily available to be added to the Salad Storefront! I, myself, wouldn’t mind being able to wake up to a lovely (dreadful) warm (too warm) British morning and pop down to my local Tescos and pick up a Tesco Meal Deal (our specialty), knowing it was paid for entirely by my GPU chopping away.

If this was an issue in that it had to be manually added, as I thought previously could possibly be the issue, then I completely understand - this being the case would explain why the long-awaited Amazon gift cards was quite… delayed.

This would quite likely require a restructuring of the current storefront - at least in this category - heck, it may even currently be in the works!
I just spent like 20 minutes in mspaint (I don’t really expect any of this to actually happen, I just had some fun with my imagination of what it could look like)

And yes I had some fun with it too lol, I’m tired, so any error correcting will be made tomorrow.