Smool bug that many more maybe also have experienced

I turned on salad. Crancked my fans on 70 in Afterburner and went afk… After 2 hours I returned hopeing to get some juice rewards but I saw an error code. So I sent a report. Nothing special right?

(my normal gpu temp is around 45 degrees) I watched some yt and was wondering why my pc is so fucking loud and opened Afterburner. GPU temp 81 degrees. WTF thats not normal. Btw salad was closed. I opened up taskmanager and clicked on GPU to find that Phoenix Miner is running (for 2 more hours. got no rewards for these 2 hours but who cares). and yeah. Salad was closed phoenix miner was still running. Thats not how it works. Was an bug hope to see a fix for it.

make sure you press stop before closing salad this should fix the issue with phoenix running on its own

I did…it was not opened…