Spotify Premium!

Salad has a wide selection of gift cards and subscriptions, which is very respectable. I think Spotify premium would be really good for Spotify, the users, and Salad.

indeed. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Hey! This is a good idea but would be more expensive and they would be money giftcards like 10USD Or 10EUR and would be region locked for an select region.

Still a good idea but might not be the best system

Granted, but not many people in 3rd world countries are gonna be mining so it’s a pretty good chance that it will not for most people, unless it will be in the UK and I’m dumb or something. And even if it’s like 13 bucks or something, I mean still, it’s spotify premium. A 5 dollar steam gift card is $6.5 … etc.

That looks like a good idea. I appreciate your idea

i see a lot of webs now advertising cheap spotify premium packages but i find them very easy to scam but i used spotify premium at wed and found it perfect It’s completely free and doesn’t cost a dime