Steam CD keys not coming back in stock

please make it so that steam CD keys can’t go out of stock as they can’t, it is an ONLINE PRODUCT, not a product that has to be delivered IRL and they can run out of copies of the same product in steam of a game so I really request you to make CD keys always in stock… I have been staring at this one steam CD key which is not an alter gift out of stock for over a month now and at this point, I am just getting irritated now (the name of the product is bloons TD 6 steam CD key)


Ummm, so CD keys can actually run out of stock, for your information. It’s not because a product is online that it has unlimited supply and that this supply is able to be produced and redeemed on demand.

The second part of my sentence is important: while CD keys do have a theoretical (and technically not quite either) unlimited amount, the way you get hold of them is not instantaneous. This true also with the system we use.

In effect, for some items (which can be the case for the game you’ve been looking at), we don’t actually hold the key. We get it from another retailer (such as Kinguin or G2A), so if they run out of stock we do too.

CD Keys are created in small (or large batches if there is a lot of demand), but not in continuous streams of unlimited redeems. If at a point in time we run out of keys, we have to go ahead and contact the game publisher to order more.

This is the case for example with Nitro codes. For now, we manually have to go ahead and contact Discord, get a few thousand (or tens of thousand) copies, and then restock them on our side.

I’m rather sure that Bloons TD 6 is a game that we get from another retailer like G2A or Kinguin, so until they manage to get some more stock on it, Salad will not have any either.

I hope this was able to make you see that CD Keys don’t come from a magical endless fountain of miracles, but rather interweaving connections between companies / publishers, that get restocked.