Steam Keys get refunded every time

A few weeks ago, I ordered DOOM Eternal Steam CD Key on salad thrice and it was refunded every time. Yesterday or the day before I ordered Dying Light Steam CD Key, it was refunded too in 24 hours. I’ve asked a few people on discord about this and they didn’t seem to have any problems with Steam CD keys and looks like it’s just me. I’ve also made a ticket before regarding the same issue and received a response which wasn’t much of a help.

Here is the proof and I hope I provided enough information to get proper help this time


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This is likely due to an error with either the API that Salad uses to redeem the items from their respective stores, or an issue with those items on the stores. It’s likely the latter, as the Altergifts use a supplier separate from the CD Keys, generally. My best advice for this would be to just try again later.

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