Store Request - Paypal

Hi, i would love if you will add Paypal as an Outcash option.

So people just enter their Paypal E-Mail and the Cash of the Salad Accout would be sent to their Paypal Account.


@peax it seems I was mistaken. I am sorry for editing it so late as well.
As you said, it is possible for Salad to use PayPal integrations, since users will need to be 18+ in any case to use PayPal.
Its addition has been taken into consideration by the Salad staff.

Once again I’m very sorry with misleading you with what I said…



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As you have said Paypal is 18+, so Kids cant even have a Paypal. So there would not be a reason for them to get the Paypal outcash.

Or has it to do with some legal matter ?

I think you should make everyone add their date of birth, and once added if ur 18+ u can buy PayPal credit.

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This does not create any legal proof of your age, especially since many people will just lie about it and it will be of no use.

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People can also just lie when creating a paypal account. I think it should be added

Please my first reply

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