Suggestion for Store

  1. Minecraft Premium Account full Access
  2. More Steam Game

Thats it!

Salad… already has Minecraft keys?
I’m not sure what you’re trying to say with “Premium” keys, but we definitely do have all versions of Minecraft: Java, Win 10/ bedrock, Storymode, dungeons…

More Steam games may be something to consider, but I do know that we’re always looking for more ways to bring more items in-store.

It might be faster if you have a specific idea, since we can pinpoint the item and where we can find it.

Have a nice day.

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What i mean is “A minecraft account”

When you buy a key you get a Minecraft account lol

When you buy the item from the salad store, it gives you a code. Then, you have to go to ( Minecraft Redeem Pre-Paid Tokens | Minecraft ) and then choose the type of account that you want to redeem. Then put the code there and you get what you want. I think that you already know this stuff, but if you don’t then I hope that this was helpful to you.

If you want to buy pre-existing Minecraft accounts, those are usually stolen, hacked, etc. Mojang can take those down at any moment (and they will).