Suggestion regarding non-powerful CPU/GPU

sorry if this is a bad suggestion
For those who have a non-powerful CPU/GPU, they are probably getting tired of the low balance income, and are probably wanting to quit. So why don’t we upgrade the balance income for those who have non-powerful CPU/GPU?

I feel like you don’t exactly know how crypto mining works…

Here’s a simplified overview:
The GPU/CPU solves complex maths problem to resolve blocks within a “blockchain”. This process is paid for, thus the way users are able to make money.

This means that how much money you can get is dependent on how fast your computer is able to solve these maths problems.
You can’t “make” something earn more, if it is slow to start with.

Moreover, mining directly gives you it’s own currency (Ethereum for Salad), which has it’s own market value price. ($1317.05 per Ether at time of writing this). So someone holding 1 Ether would have that amount of money.

Following basic offer / demand in economy, this price is variable, and so earnings are also dependent of Ether’s price. A sudden drop in its rate will also decrease user’s earnings on Salad.

Note that this is a brief description, and there are many other factors that come in place to give a profit to the user.

TL;DR: Salad doesn’t control how much money a user makes, it’s all based on how fast their hardware is and the current rate.

Hope this helped clear it out, if not, don’t hesitate to ask questions in this topic!



I see now, thanks for teaching me. I didn’t know this!