Support the Devs option

i mean idk what else there is to say about this. an option to make a donation to the devs for being cool and keeping the salad fresh :​)

and/or just the whole staff team


Been wanting this for months
I get why they might not want to add it(considering they just got like another $3mil of funding) but
pls add

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Yet another text vote reply :head:

Text vote
(biased vote I am a mod)

They are in fact adding content creator support soon, so I was thinking they could add this in with it. (kindly don’t ask how I know that it’s coming cause it doesn’t matter eheh)

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We will not accept donations for Salad employees (we’re not a charity organization). However, every Salad team member chooses a charity organization and has it listed in the store. If you really want to show your appreciation for a team member, consider learning more about their chosen charity organization and making a donation.

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